"Not Another Bad Date" - Rachel Gibson -2008

Not another bad romance. Wow. I really haven’t been reading much lately. I feel more inclined to post about good movies I’ve seen (Julie & Julia, Whip It, Inglourious Basterds) rather than good books. I been a little burnt out – in fact I haven’t found a book that I loved in months – it’s hard enough to actually finish them. I’ve been in a contemporary mood, and for some reason (probably the crisp and bright covers) I think Rachel Gibson will fill the void JC left (Jennifer Crusie, not Jesus Christ, HA!). I want a nice fun read with normal people, no suspense, no mystery, no otherworldly beings – just people falling in love. AHH! Why is it so hard to find a good one? Just one, half as good as “Bet Me” would do!

Something about Gibson’s writing rubs me the wrong way. Her heroines aren’t stick think model types, and while I do like that, she focuses on their flaws in a way that comes off as vapid. In the case of “Not Another Bad Date” I knew I should have stopped reading about 12 pages in, when the hero’s dead ex-wife is in line for Heaven. That’s right., the afterlife. She has to fix the messes and selfish choices she made while alive in order to get past those pearly gates. Sigh. I just gave up. See she (the evil ex) was dating the hero, he dumped her to begin courting the heroine, only to find out the ex is pregnant. Marries the preggo ex, blah blah blah. My main issue with this book comes down to one thing – as college sweethearts, I buy that – but I never believed that the H/H liked each other as adults. They wanted to jump each other sure, but something was off in their non-sexual-chemistry interactions. So fuck it. I’m not wasting my time with books I don’t like.