"Wedded in a Whirlwind" - Liz Fielding - 2008

Don't judge a book by its cover - while pretty, this cover doesn't really fit. The main characters are British (as well as the author) but the majority of the story takes place on an island in the South Pacific. In fact the H/H, trapped together in an underground temple, fall in love before they even see each other in the daylight. I found this an enjoyable read, although I wish I had read the heroine's brother's story first, as it is mentioned quite a bit. As for the title, this is a whirlwind romance - meeting, almost dying, bonding and falling in love essentially overnight - the wedding part seems really secondary. Sometimes I prefer brevity of series romance, primarily on days where nothing truly holds my attention. In this case, however, I would have enjoyed a longer more fleshed-out story. I'm always interested in how the author treats the H/H after the danger is over and each must return to their real day-to-day lives. I feel Fielding wrapped it up quickly and rushed the ending, probably to fit in the Harlequin format, and keep the page count down.